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About The Law Offices of Kimberly J. Munson, PLLC

Kimberly always wanted to be a trial lawyer. Kimberly entered Baylor on the 3-3 program which allowed her to enter Baylor’s Law School early and obtain her BBA and JD in less than 6 years (it is normally a 7 year process). Kimberly chose Baylor for her undergraduate studies and law school because of Baylor’s reputation for turning out quality trial attorneys and the 3-3 program.

As a trial lawyer, Kimberly believed that being prepared, competent, and able to take a case to trial was also the best way to reach a logical and advantageous resolution to a case.

Kimberly’s trial practice philosophy was that handling a lawsuit and propelling a case into the best position for trial or resolution requires intensity, energy, creativity, determination and a solid CORE (Communication, Organization, Responsiveness, Excellence).

Kimberly recognized that her clients were thrust into the middle of a storm through the litigation they faced. The purpose of that storm – created by the other side – was to create anxiety, stress, frustration and uncertainty. Kimberly was proud to stand strong against that storm, to provide a solid CORE or foundation for her clients. This ability, to provide a strong foundation, allowed her clients to trust and lean on her so that they could focus on and evaluate the elements of the case, rather than the emotion that the other side was attempting to create. As a result, her clients were able to make decisions based upon the case itself rather than the emotion.

Kimberly believed in proactively and methodically moving a case forward by being assertive and focusing on the procedural aspects of the case, the evidentiary concerns in the case, and the facts of the case rather than simply responding to the moves of the other side. Kimberly affirmatively sought out creative solutions rather than simply moving things from point A to point B in response to the actions of the other side. Moreover, Kimberly communicated with her clients to determine their goals in the case and discuss the available options to achieve those goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Kimberly’s trial practice philosophy aids in her mediation practice because she “gets it”. Resolution is not surrender – resolution, when it is under the right terms, is taking control and giving the client their present and future back from the storm.

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